Brave Grants

2021.11.28 17:03 Bambozaur Brave Grants

So I am usin Brave for like a month now. I verified myself on Gemini, and connected my Brave wallet with it. My Brave rewards at some point has got moved to Gemini and now yesterday they got transfered to "Brave Grants". I don't know what it is and how to acces that.
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2021.11.28 17:03 heartbreakkidx You should not be smoking marijuana under any circumstances.

I don’t care if you have anxiety, pain, or smoke it for recreation. It doesn’t make sense to smoke it due to the effects that smoking can have on your body including lung cancer. Instead, I look at it this way. Marijuana is a plant, a herb essentially. So, we should treat it as such. I believe that marijuana should be ate or perhaps brewed in hot water to make a tea. This will give you all of the positive effects of marijuana and remove the negative effects of smoking. You could even bake it into brownies or even make candy out of marijuana which a lot of people do.
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2021.11.28 17:03 PowerForce2021 Crazy how beautiful BF4 looks, even after 8 years have passed... Frostbite is a beast of an engine!

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2021.11.28 17:03 saltroastclef Paxful Binance

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2021.11.28 17:03 CalculatedRisk7 Thomas Jefferson statue removed from NY City Hall

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2021.11.28 17:03 StoneLegionYT Newbie do I start with Ark or Ark Part 2 or is it all one massive Map?

I plan on running my own PvE Server for myself and maybe a friend or 2 down the road. Is this one Big Map / Story or is it multiple Maps? Can I set it up to continue the Character on Both or is it meant to be fresh start?
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2021.11.28 17:03 PowerForce2021 Crazy how beautiful BF4 looks, even after 8 years have passed... Frostbite is a beast of an engine!

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2021.11.28 17:03 ThrowAway52346534 Need Help With Helping My Girlfriend

I am going to make this brief but my girlfriend is living with her mother who wont take her to therapy and doesn't think anything is wrong with her. She is diagnosed with CPTSD,Depression and Body Dysmorphia. She has googled and done research and thinks she might have some other issues as well but due to the mother she can not go get it checked. I was wondering if there is any worksheets/packages/Websites with things we can do to help work through her problems just us two I feel like it would be better then just letting it sit and get worse until She is of age to get herself into therapy. (We are long distance and I don't know how to help)
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2021.11.28 17:03 Anx1ous Moving…. Last time in the garage

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2021.11.28 17:03 TheDailyNick Panick under pressure? Not Billy Thunderman! 🙅‍♂️👀| Nickelodeon UK

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2021.11.28 17:03 PowerForce2021 Crazy how beautiful BF4 looks, even after 8 years have passed... Frostbite is a beast of an engine!

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2021.11.28 17:03 MisterPee Trevor cutting it close in the newest vid 💀

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2021.11.28 17:03 joey8789 Revolution won't trigger eof ability

Won't trigger ability even though I have the adrenaline needed, wonder why?
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2021.11.28 17:03 vexmancz petice na to aby Ment natočil #2

petice na to aby Ment natočil #2
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2021.11.28 17:03 ZestycloseEntrance70 What’s the weirdest law in your country/state?

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2021.11.28 17:03 RefrigeratorNo5970 Savings

About how much money should someone be saving a month? And how much savings in total should you have before you move out?
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2021.11.28 17:03 JakeWeese Fuck you hipster fags

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2021.11.28 17:03 PowerForce2021 Crazy how beautiful BF4 looks, even after 8 years have passed... Frostbite is a beast of an engine!

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2021.11.28 17:03 GRANTMACDONALD Halifax Cockwhore Shawn

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2021.11.28 17:03 joe-jww I've lost 9kg since the start of university

As the title says, I started uni at 74kg and as of today I am 64.9kg. I'm 6 foot tall so it's still within the healthy BMI limit, but is this cause for concern?
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2021.11.28 17:03 brungernator Cajun Turkey & Andouille Gumbo for a chilly Sunday afternoon

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2021.11.28 17:03 OticalPrime Fukuiraptor Leaves in the Wind [OC]

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2021.11.28 17:03 navel_buffet 🐕🔥Wildfire Inu! || 🔒 5 YEARS Liquidity Locked || 20% Burned on Every Transaction || 1% Reflections || 2% Liquidity

🐕🔥9.7% of the supply burned forever and we have just begun! 23% Buy/Sell Tax ➡️ 🔥20%🔥 of every transaction is burned forever ➡️ 1% of every transaction is reflected back to holders ➡️ 2% of every transaction is added to liquidity for price stability ca: 0x1b3c385c8c64ce8a512a7c041246f1cb2156bac8 🔒Liquidity Locked for 5 Years!🔒 
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2021.11.28 17:03 april3rd2020 Boyfriend (22m) excluded me from plans

Boyfriend and I are both actors. I mentioned I wanted to practice getting in front of the camera more so I could be more comfortable. I get horrible social anxiety and I thought practicing would help out. Boyfriend offered to have 1 day a week where we could practice this, and overall do something creative. I told him I was down but that a major part of my anxiety is being around strangers at auditions. Still, I said Id be down and we even decided on a day a week that works for both of us.
He invited the entire class for what would be a mock audition weekly workshop instead of it being just us two. I was hesitant because this was supposed to be something to help me feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and this made me feel more anxious. I did vocalize this to him but I didnt want to be selfish because he seemed so excited about. I always said I was down, and even offered ideas and contributions to help facilitate learning for everyone. I also mentioned I wanted to invite my best friend.
To complicate matters, my ex who i have a traumatic past with is in this acting class and said he might come. I was disturbed by this as this was only going to make what should feel like a safe space to explore creativity more anxiety inducing. I voiced this to my boyfriend, along with how triggered I would get if i saw him, and all he said was that he thought it was really weird that he said yes, and that he never thought he would have agreed. I ended up deciding that I need to be brave and get through it, because were in the same industry and bound to run into each other anyway. I told my boyfriend this and continued to voice my support, and told him numerous times that I was so proud of him for organizing something that would help out so many people.
Yesterday a mutual friend mentioned that they were excited to see me on a specific day next month. I asked my boyfriend if he had made holiday plans with him I didnt know about, and he said that he probably assumed I was coming to the workshop. I had never been told the official date to start, and I told him I knew nothing about it. It is on an evening I am usually at work for and unavailable for. I felt excluded and hurt that I wasnt factored in to it whatsoever. It was all organized on facebook and I am not on social media, so I assumed he was going to fill me in with details.
I thought he would apologize for it having slipped his mind and not letting me know so I could ask off for it, but instead he told me that it seemed like I was disinterested in it and he assumed I wouldnt have wanted to come, and he knows I work that day so thats why he didnt tell me. He said if I was actually interested I would have asked him. He claimed me saying I wasnt going to take a ballet class so I could have a more open schedule meant I also didnt want to take this workshop. He said he assumed I wasnt coming anyway because my ex was going, and that he was really hurt when I had said I might not go because of that. He said this was something important to him and he was upset I potentially wouldnt have gone because of that. I reminded him of when I told him I would get past it and he said yeah but you only told me that two days ago.
I apologized for seeming disinterested when it was really my anxiety making me nervous for it, and reminded him of all the conversations weve had where he and I discussed ideas. He said he interpreted that as me being supportive and not interest. He said how uncomfortable it made him that I talked about my ex with such passion and that me feeling off about just being in the same room with him scares him, because I think he thinks this means I still have feelings for him. I explained that he represents a horrible part of my past and it would put a damper on what is supposed to be fun and explorative. I told him it hurts me that he seems to have no empathy for why it is so difficult for me.
I told him it wasnt fair of him to hold in this resentment when I didnt even have a chance to explain myself and that this was originally just supposed to be something to help me out, and now Im not even available.
Some time has passed and hes apologized but I dont feel comfortable going at all anymore. They added another day of the week where I have my evenings free and could go but I feel so hurt and invalidated that I dont even want to go anymore. Im worried this will read as me being unsupportive and will confirm his thoughts that I didnt want to do it at all.
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2021.11.28 17:03 swagNextTuber Does Omicron Cause Only Mild Illness? Too Early to Tell, Experts Say

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