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Sunday at home

2021.11.28 16:56 ssaymetiB7 Sunday at home

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2021.11.28 16:56 TN_Egyptologist Aten Sun-Disk Inlay

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2021.11.28 16:56 Lunanescente Is this emotional abuse?

Hi. This is going to be long. I've started wondering if my ex/best friend is not really a healthy relationship. She used to act like I was important and she always put on a pedestal or something, like I was just an incredible person.
She was a Christian, like me, so we got along rather well. Her mom passed away shortly after we met (due to cancer), and she completely changed. She hated Christians except for me apparently, started doing witchcraft and satanic rituals, she started attempting suicide and hurt herself a lot.
I became a bit uncomfortable, but I understood her mother had just died and it was normal to be struggling. I just did not like how she hurt herself all of the time, that is certainly not a good way to grieve. I tried to take care of her as much as I could, I would listen to her whenever she needed to talk and she seemed to get better.
She decided that she wanted to be my girlfriend, so we started "going out." I was still very worried about her and I did my absolute best to be there for her. All of my other relationships and hobbies started failing, I got very depressed, but I devoted myself to her because I knew she needed support.
She told me that this wasn't because of her mom, and she started getting better. She was still not doing well, but better. I was so happy for her and I wanted to help her continue growing. But, I got grounded from my phone for about 5 months because my parents noticed my change in behavior and found out kind of how she had been acting to me.
They are conservative, and they didn't want us dating because we were both girls, but I think they were more concerned about the fact that she started taking adavantage of me and started insulting me constantly. She convinced me to be a witch too, and I think maybe she was manipulating me.
She started treating me very strange, like maybe I was less than her, she constantly told me that she was a goddess and I couldn't compare to her but that I was alright and she loved me so I could stick around. My health declined and I also started considering suicide so my parents wanted me to take a break.
Continues below Tl;dr: theres no point for a tldr it's pretty detailed to be explained correctly, but I guess, is this person toxic because she started ignoring me once I needed help, treated me rudely, only talks to me when she needs something from me, and literally said stuff like she couldn't deal with me, or that she was a goddess and I was nothing.
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2021.11.28 16:56 LancelLannister_AMA This is pretty interesting

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2021.11.28 16:56 Longjumping-Tart558 First Try

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2021.11.28 16:56 Roseland Spotty and dropped connectivity. Chat wants to charge me $70 for tech

Ticket CR014523555. Internet keeps dropping or degrades to being nearly useless. Chat wants to charge me $70 for something that isn't my fault (modem plugged in and coax snug and tight) and offers no insight into what is going on.
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2021.11.28 16:56 forteller Ungdommer skadd etter politiøvelse: - Ble avkledd og tatt på

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2021.11.28 16:56 Lazy-Photograph-6679 Enemy's spamming dodges

Every time I try to stab them they always dodge them like Muhammad Ali
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2021.11.28 16:56 Granolah___ Lets be real this dude looks more like the human version of Carl.

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2021.11.28 16:56 CsabelitoHUN JoJo Part 9 Leaks

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2021.11.28 16:56 AdventureCoalition Geocaching in the Snow

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2021.11.28 16:56 individual_juan Where to wing with other pilots?

I'm looking for a place to join wings and run PVE, where's the best place?
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2021.11.28 16:56 X-_Kacchan_-X I don't know why i did it...i think i needed to clean up a mess that made in my head with abuse in this show...i don't even know if what Honey Sugarman did was abuse...i don't know it seemed lik this to me...tell me if im wrong somewhere...

I don't know why i did it...i think i needed to clean up a mess that made in my head with abuse in this show...i don't even know if what Honey Sugarman did was abuse...i don't know it seemed lik this to me...tell me if im wrong somewhere... submitted by X-_Kacchan_-X to BoJackHorseman [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 16:56 BamB_urger Do you think they made carl steal ians dream?

Im thinking about how ian wanted to go to West Point, army etc and carl managed to achieve that even tho it was ians dream. What do you think about that?
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2021.11.28 16:56 feitenftw Caster spittin' rhymes in the BLAST Premier final
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2021.11.28 16:56 BunHein Season’s Greetings

this is coming from someone who used to be a bucaneers fan. an ok fan overall id say. just wanted to reach out and pretty well much give u all a happy christmas, kwansta, and hannaka. or any other holiday and hell lets throw new years and thanksgiving in there too.
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2021.11.28 16:56 Apprehensive_Bet9075 Trying Beat Dungeon Tier 10 Using Claire

Try run Tier 10 Upgrade Dungeon with Claire as DPS
Line Up
Formation Bombardment

Range DPS(1) : Claire Green
DPS(1) : Rachel as Debuffer and Tank
Support(2) : Karin, Shay

Guide from playing experience and has been tested
I hope it's useful guys
Suggestions and input comment below guys

details check my vids
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2021.11.28 16:56 AllMoneyMilk What do I say to people that rag me about my religion (protestant ignorance)

Howdy, i’m new to this sub so i’m sorry if this is a frequently asked question because I’m sure it is, but i’m a sophomore in high school and one of 3 catholics in my grade (of roughly 210) and most of them go to the christian church in town, and that church’s pastor’s son is in my grade too. Very protestant town, and most of the catholic kids go to the tiny catholic school anyway. anyway, my religion is the topic of some debates in class, whether we’re talking about St. Peter’s Basilica or the reformation, people always try to disprove my entire belief.
Some usual things said follow: • You worship Mary • You don’t actually eat Jesus in mass • It’s sexist that priests can’t be women nor be married • (insert anything about catholic priests being pedophiles)
my usual response: “haha yeah ig i’m going to hell!” (sarcastically)
So yeah, I know it’s not right to argue back with these people but it gets to me that they say these things, I want to have a go-to comeback that supports me. Thanks
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2021.11.28 16:56 Vortex2711 Happy Ment.

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2021.11.28 16:56 XxKingWafflezxX can i play bmbf on virtual desktop?

I want to play bmbf and other games in my quest 2 library on virtual desktop so I can stream it on discord, is it possible?
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2021.11.28 16:56 Kermitstew What type of plant is this?

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2021.11.28 16:56 DadsSpaghettiii How the voice inside your head sounds like?

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2021.11.28 16:56 arachnesafsdfsd 🔥💎🔥 EverDOT 💎🔥 💎 | Yahoo Finance published | 125k DOT Rewards Paid in 14 Days | CMC $ CG listed | Staking Platform launch soon | Reward Ecosystem

🔥💎🔥 EverDOT 💎🔥 💎 | Yahoo Finance published | 125k DOT Rewards Paid in 14 Days | CMC $ CG listed | Staking Platform launch soon | Reward Ecosystem

EverDot’s primary goal is to make it simple enough for everyone to be able to start earning passive income without having to understand this complicated DeFi world.
We are in developement of a whole reward ecosystem that is clean, clear and simple to use.
It will revolutionize the DeFi space and foster adoption of crypto in a safe & secure rewarding way.

💥 EverDot Dashboard live
💥 EverDot Swap/Exchange Live
💥 10% DOT Rewards
💥 Staking in development
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💥Reward Ecosystem
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💥CMC listed
💥CG listed
💥Yahoo Finance article published
💥24/7 support -Devs/Mods

💎 10% DOT Rewards
💎 3% AUTO LP !
💎 2% Marketing !
💎SAFE - 100% LP Tokens are locked for 24 months!


Q4 2021

• Launch Dashboard
• Listing CG & CMC
• Influencer Marketing
• Complete Audit
• Launch own Swap
• Launch second token for the reward ecosystem

Q1 2022
• Launch Dashboard update with staking platform
• Launch third token for the reward ecosystem
• Development of Metaverse starts
• Launch fourth token for the reward ecosystem

Q2 2022
• Launch fifth token for reward ecosystem
• Metaverse test phase starts
• …. More Updates coming soon.

Contract: 0x0b40bbf9265b7f93169b087b9749d9d059d82ffe


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2021.11.28 16:56 zen-dog- Do you feel yourself desired and why so?

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2021.11.28 16:56 goldencookiebear Trying to break into IT post the past 6 months I only got interviews with one company that really went somewhere but I ended up getting rejected after the second interview for them to promote someone internally :/

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