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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. YOUR ONLINE GATEWAY FOR ENTRIES, DRAWS AND RESULTS. Enter Events Here One of Hollywood's top actors from the past three decades once turned down a $10 million offer for a film because its content conflicted with his Christian faith, his co-star says. Chris Tucker and Ice Cube teamed up for the R-rated 1995 film Friday , which grossed $27 million and told the story of two pot-smoking friends trying to survive in ... Whether you want a photo website that sells prints, secure client galleries or just need unlimited storage, let us be your all-in-one solution.

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2022.01.28 02:54 KandyKillKlown New streamer starting out

Started to stream now and then, playing warzone and other major games that come out. Finished far cry 6, gonna continue ghost of tsushima. And gonna play the new horizon dawn when it comes out. I'll follow for follow
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2022.01.28 02:54 justaburger4 Liz Gillies 😂

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2022.01.28 02:54 Clever_Names101 Remove rampages door busting ability

Seriously, who thought this was a balanced mechanic? I understand ramparts ult doing it, it’s an ultimate, but I honestly do not believe a ground loot weapon should have a door busting ability. If rampage was in package, sure, understandable, but ground loot, absolutely terrible idea.
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2022.01.28 02:54 HotLegalTaco LO Help/Review: I’ve been having issues with this LO like crashing and even starting up. Any advice? I used gamers paradise LO template

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2022.01.28 02:54 LeadingBiology Recommended applications for commercial antibodies

Even though vaccines and insulin are also biologics, the most expensive type of biologic drug is called a monoclonal antibody. These are drugs such as Humira or Enbrel for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, and Tysabri for multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease.
First released in 1986 for the treatment of cancer, monoclonal antibodies are the most rapidly growing type of biologic drug. That’s because they are extremely targeted therapies that block specific interactions in the immune system, which regular drugs can’t do.
Monoclonal antibodies are large proteins that are produced by clones of the same living cell, normally from a rodent’s spleen. When these proteins enter the bloodstream, they're able to attach to only a few types of cells, which attach to the protein like a puzzle piece. This is called a lock-and-key mechanism. Many cancer cells grow by the same mechanisms as other diseases, so biologics that were originally developed for cancer are now being tested to treat autoimmune disorders.
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2022.01.28 02:54 Tasty-Glass7817 Just made a lid out of egg crate/light pannel because I got new mounts and the old screen lids don’t fit anymore. Thoughts? Will it be blocking too much light? Thinking of cutting out the middle section and zip-tying the clear screen mesh for the middle portion if it’s blocking too much light. TIA

Just made a lid out of egg crate/light pannel because I got new mounts and the old screen lids don’t fit anymore. Thoughts? Will it be blocking too much light? Thinking of cutting out the middle section and zip-tying the clear screen mesh for the middle portion if it’s blocking too much light. TIA submitted by Tasty-Glass7817 to ReefTank [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 02:54 EDYNHOU Question

Does Playground Games count as Horizon Open? Because I won one and it didn't count towards the weekly event.
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2022.01.28 02:54 thelilwobbly Who offers the lowest cost for Penuma?

As a guy with not a lot of money and not a lot of dick I’ve come to place in my life where I’ve got the money to get the surgery if I budget right and Ive reached the mindset and maturity that comes with passing your hoe phase happily so I feel mentally prepared for something like this
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2022.01.28 02:54 istgimthisclose When two Asians go on a date, do they fight over who pays the bill?

Background: grew up in an Asian family.
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2022.01.28 02:54 tirednewyorker I guess this makes up for the bad break I got in the last Minnesota-GSW game

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2022.01.28 02:54 gax8627 Abusadora Abusadora

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2022.01.28 02:54 ChoiceAutomatic5660 Meet our new kitten cawfee, sometime mistaken for a fluffy potato

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2022.01.28 02:54 Queen-of-Sharks Zone Fighter x Yandere Simulator fanfiction episode 3

Author’s note: I do not claim ownership of any of the characters in this story. All copyrighted characters are the intellectual property of their respective owners.
Warning: This series contains alterations to the mainline game cannon. If you notice any inconsistencies with the original game lore, please comment them and I’ll do my best to explain myself for the crimes that I have inadvertently committed upon you, and deeply apologize for smearing your honor. However, I do as Odaku wills, and if Odaku wills me to mess with Yandere Simulator lore, I can not deny the holy cephalopod's command.
Zone Fighter grunted as he grappled with the bulky, lumbering Shipdraw, as it held his arms with two of the tentacles on its starfishlike face. It roared in Zone Fighter’s face, splattering it with saliva which made him wince, before swinging him up into the air and slamming him back down on the ground. Shipdraw then wrapped its three tentacle fingers around Zone Fighter’s waist, then dragged him across the ground and chucked into a hill, smashing it into dust. Zone Fighter shook this off and wiped his face with his arm.
“I’ll give the Garogas this, they sure know how to pick some nasty Terror Beasts.”
Shipdraw howled furiously and charged at Zone Fighter, who proceeded to grab him by the waist and suplex him. Out of desperation, Shipdraw reached out and attempted to strangle Zone Fighter with his fingers. Zone gagged and coughed as Shipdraw’s grip tightened. He attempted to reach up and tear the tentacles off, but Shipdraw used the tentacles around his face to coil around Zone Fighter, leaving him completely helpless. Shipdraw proceeded to laugh as it slowly squeezed the life out of the blue giant.
However, Shipdraw was caught off guard when it was suddenly bombarded by a squad of stealth bombers dropping bunker-buster bombs on him, while ground troopers launched white phosphorus grenades out of cannons. These weapons weren’t enough to do severe damage to the kaiju, but they irritated him enough to turn his attention away from Zone Fighter, which would be his greatest and final mistake. Zone managed to rip out of Shipdraw’s weakened grip with ease, and then used a meteor punch to knock the beast out cold. Then, while Shipdraw continued to be bombarded by bunker-buster bombs, Zone fired his meteor proton beam, finishing him off.
Zone Fighter huffed groggily as nearby tourists cheered him on, many of them taking photos and videos of him. However, their applause was interrupted when the Military suddenly arrived to disperse the crowd, setting up fences and yellow tape to ensure that they wouldn’t get too close as trucks rolled in, carrying tall, lightweight towers that resembled satellite dishes which were controlled remotely by soldiers. Zone Fighter raised an eyebrow as he saw these trucks roll in and planes continue to fly overhead, given that the terror beast was defeated.
“Orders, Sargent?” One of the soldiers said into his walkie-talkie.
“Send out a warning shot,” he said. “If that doesn’t drive him off, shoot to kill.”
“Sir, yes sir.” He switched to a different feed and ordered a warning strike.
Zone Fighter then saw the jets fly by and drop their bombs onto him. The bombs were far less effective on him than on Shipdraw, but the shock of the attack was immense.
“WHAT THE HELL, GUYS!?!” Zone Fighter shouted in frustration. “I THOUGHT WE WERE ON THE SAME SIDE!”
The pilots replied by bombing him again. Zone Fighter was frustrated by these repeated attacks and prepared to retaliate with a proton beam, but stopped himself, silently reminding himself that he can’t just go around killing people. However, the simple threat of a counterattack was all the reason the military needed to activate their newest weapon.
“Actavate the Markalite F.O.P.” He said to the two soldiers beside him. They both nodded and unlocked a pair of control panels that aimed the dishes of the towers at Zone Fighter before firing upon him with huge, light blue laser blasts from them as the inner dish glowed a deeper shade of blue. These beams were powerful enough to harm Zone Fighter, making him feel a sharp stinging sensation in the spots that they hit.
The people behind the gates started protesting, and one of them eventually jumped one of the fences, only to be knocked to the ground by one of the soldiers. Upon seeing this, Zone Fighter, stopped being passive and transformed back to his small form, then sprinted between the two, taking the soldier’s gun and breaking it over his knee, placing the man back behind the gates where he would be safe, and then destroying both of the Markalites with his bare hands. The man’s wife and daughter ran up to him and hugged him as the three of them looked up at Zone Fighter, who stood over all the other soldiers with a look of rage and betrayal in his eyes, before leaping off into the distance.
News reports of the event spread like wildfire on TV, the internet, social media, the paper, no matter where you went, you couldn’t escape this explosion of news. Many people ended up taking Zone Fighter’s side, however, debates raged on regardless, as they typically tend to do. And much to Hikaru’s dismay, this debate even followed him into school.
After the ordeal that took place the weekend beforehand, Hikaru wanted nothing more than a relaxing day at school. However, the number of people talking about the fight between Zone Fighter and the Military dogged him wherever he went. As he sat in his classroom, waiting for class to begin, he overheard some mutterings about the battle between some of the students, Shima in particular. He couldn’t help but blush when he heard Shima defending Zone Fighter. Even if she didn’t know he and Zone were one and the same, it still meant a lot to him coming from her.
These discussions even spread to different clubs, including the occult club. Although the “club” was comprised mostly of social rejects who were frequently ridiculed and bullied by other students of the school, and most of whom had few aligning interests with other students, they still found the conflict between the military and Zone Fighter strange.
“Calm your mouths, my followers,” Oka said, bringing all discussion to an immediate halt. “I sense that you all are troubled by the conflict we saw. Why is that?”
Shin Higaku was first to reply. “We merely are concerned as to what this could entail for us. If the military and Zone Fighter are battling each other, who will protect us from the aliens when they attack?”
Oka gave Shin a warm, gentle smile as she swayed towards him, then brushed a gentle hand against his cheek. “Oh, you poor, sweet, yet misguided soul. You need not fear, my child, for Zone Fighter and the military, are not the ones to put your faith into. Neigh, there is only one being you need put your trust in, and that is our lord. He is the one true savior we need.” She then turned to the rest of the club. “With each ritual we perform, we grow ever closer to bringing our lord to the world. And when he arrives, we will all rejoice as he vanquishes all who seek to harm us, and wraps us all in his loving embrace.”
The “club” cheered as Oka finished her preach, and Shin lamented that he was a fool to think that anyone other than the lord would be the savior he needed. How could he have been so foolish?
Meanwhile, in the cooking club, Saki, Ajia and Kokona were sitting at the dining table, not talking about Zone Fighter for once, but instead about Kokona’s being in the club.
“And then after that, Kizana just kicked me out.”
“Heh, yeah that sounds like Kizie alright,” Ajia said. Saki then interjected.
“Yeah, we used to date. But I kept catching her cheating on me with girls and guys alike, so I broke up with her.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Ashitomi.”
“It’s fine, Haruka. To be honest, I’m much happier now that I’m single. You probably know by now, but that bitch is a fucking nightmare.”
Suddenly, Kenko Sukoyaka barged in carrying a large cardboard box in his hands. He was sweating profusely and his arms were shaking after carrying all the way up the flight of stairs.
“Hey, Sukoyaka, what’s in that box?” Saki asked.
“N-NOTHING!!!” He shouted. “J-just some stuff… for the field trip! Yeah, the field trip!”
“The closest field trip to today is a month from now.”
“W-well, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, you know? Ahaha!” He then quickly attempted to change the subject, asking them if they heard about Zone Fighter.
“Um, only from literally everyone in the school. It’s all anyone talks about.”
“R-right. I uh…”
Amai soon broke the tension, calling the club to order and reminding them all that they had a bake sale on Friday that they needed to make preparations for. Kokona reminded her that she had a friend in the gaming club who could possibly help them make decorations.
Speaking of the gaming club, they were in complete disarray, more resembling a debate club at the moment, with an even split between people siding with the military, and people siding with Zone Fighter. On the side of the military were Gema Takagi and Mai Wakahara, and on the side of Zone were Ryuto Ipongo and Pipi Osafune. Midori Gurinshi sat between the two groups. While she did favor Zone Fighter’s side, she was the most trustworthy of the club to remain unbiased when mediating them. However, she mostly just sent Email after Email to a game developer she’d been following and paid little attention to the debate happening around her.
The debate got heated. So heated in fact that not a single one of them noticed the kaiju alarm blaring throughout the school until the counselor barged in and told them all to evacuate to their hiding spots. And even then, Gema only paid attention after everyone else in the club slapped him in the face for ongoing her instead of listening.
Info Chan heard her door creak open and saw her associate, Oka Ruto, creep in with a wide, uncanny smile on her face. Info Chan was less than excited to meet with her again, but she would rather have Oka as an ally for now, even if she planned to eliminate her eventually.
"Salutations, my friend," Oka said. "I see that you too have noticed the lamb's little spat with the knights of the modern era."
"Indeed I have. And from what I've seen, it could pose some problems in the future."
"My friend, why do you say that."
Info Chan clicked to one of her monitors which showed a news feed of the battle, then paused it and zoomed in on one of the Markalite F.O.P.s until she had a logo plastered on the side of it front and center. It was difficult to read because the image was so blurry, so Info Chan pulled up another image of another logo right next to it for comparison. The logo was a perfect match.
"I see…"
"It's clear that Saikou corp has some sort of deal with the military. Not surprising, since they're the only company on Earth with the technological knowledge to make something like that in such a short amount of time."
"So, it would appear the whole nation has chosen to align with the devil worshipers. How annoying…"
"This does indeed complicate things. Fortunately, I've prepared for if something like this were to happen. We will need to revise our plan, since they no doubt made it part of the deal that the family would receive military protection, however the base of it can remain unaltered."
“No need. Young minds are easily swayed. Especially when they are in such a state as the one his must be in.”
“If you think you convince Hikaru to fight back, be my guest. Just don’t reveal that you know he’s Zone Fighter. We don’t want him to know we’re onto him just yet.”
“Ofcourse… Well, this has been fun, but I must get going. Well met.”
“Wait, before you go-” but by the time Info Chan turned around, Oka was already long gone. Info Chan sighed and got back to observing her camera feeds and taking notes. She also turned on the news so that she could watch the newest battle take place.
Zone Fighter clashed with the newest monster, Waligar, sporting a long, thin neck and tail, a pair of crablike claws for hands, and the face of an ant. Despite it’s appearance, Waligar proved to be far more powerful that the monster just a day before it, to the point where Zone Fighter was struggling to get it out of the city. This was made all the more difficult by the Thermal Flame Breath it spewed from it’s mouth, which was hot enough to pierce through Zone Fighter’s heat resistant skin. He tried to leap over Waligar and grab his tail, but the monster’s neck was so long and flexible that he was able to twist it so that his head was looking behind him so he could keep blasting the blue hero.
He was forced to block the flames with a rainbow force field he created by tracing a rectangular outline in the air with his hands, then hid behind it while the flame onslaught kept on coming while Zone thought about how he should handle the situation. Suddenly however, he heard the military rolling in, carrying Markelites with them. The Markelite F.O.P.s fired their beams on Waligar and Zone, this time in a high enough number to do serious damage. Zone zoomed up into the air and shook off the damage the many blasts did, while Waligar freaked out, having no way to counteract the stinging pain. Zone Fighter then realized that he now had a chance and grabbed Waligar by the tail before flying out of the city, with the military giving chase.
While flying, Waligar turned its head around and blasted Zone in the face with his thermal flames, disorienting him and causing them both to crash into a nearby hill before tumbling into a forest. The military soon came and carpet-bombed the place while markelite blasters fired down on the two dueling giants. Zone eventually rose up and shielded himself with Waligar, holding him by his arms and neck as he was blasted in the chest. Unfortunately for them, the Markelites overheated before they could defeat Waligar, allowing it to break free of Zone’s grip.
Zone and Walgar then engaged in a fist to claw scuffle, Zone unleashing a rapid flurry of punches and jabs, while Waligar slashed and headbutted wildly. Zone Fighter eventually delivered a meteor uppercut into Waligar’s stomach, launching him into the air, before finishing him off with a meteor proton beam to his wounded chest, which caused him to explode. Zone Fighter then breathed a sigh of relief that Waligar was finally defeated, then looked down at the soldiers on the ground.
“You know, we’d make a good team if you guys weren’t trying to kill me,” Zone Fighter snarkily commented. The military responded by firing a single Markelite shot at him. “Ow! Okay, okay, I get it! I’m leaving!”
The Sargent of the squad huffed angrily as he watched Zone fly away. However, the rest of his squad was starting to have second thoughts. Perhaps they were in the wrong to attack Zone Fighter. After all, he was right. They did make a good team.
All criticism is appreciated.
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2022.01.28 02:54 watchursix How to pour wine back into wine box

Imm too drunk and poured too much wine and I need it to go back into the box.
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2022.01.28 02:54 faevrise a few that i’ve taken.

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2022.01.28 02:54 _kiminara /TheseAreOurAlbums Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.28 02:54 KeepRedditAnonymous Still thinking about Fox News host Pete Hegseth -- considered for VA secretary at least twice -- proudly admitting, unprompted, that he hasn't washed his hands in a decade because he doesn't believe in germs...because he can't see them.

Still thinking about Fox News host Pete Hegseth -- considered for VA secretary at least twice -- proudly admitting, unprompted, that he hasn't washed his hands in a decade because he doesn't believe in germs...because he can't see them. submitted by KeepRedditAnonymous to FoxFiction [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 02:54 MercoMultimedia Designing a new ship

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2022.01.28 02:54 Dercken When you work nights, your life is full of liminal spaces

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2022.01.28 02:54 Embarrassed_Cup6798 Help

So my husband is playing Xbox, I’m PC, my husband is hosting non dedicated and I’m playing with him. We just had our first person join and got scared. How do we (he) disable cheats so someone can’t come in and destroy us?
We used to play split screen on the Xbox, but I recently got my laptop and prefer it, so we have some progress that we don’t want destroyed.
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2022.01.28 02:54 Monroe1996_1 I feel like a freak

I’m seventeen and even though I enjoyed being in my first relationship the way it ended has absolutely torn me and brought a whole new side of me out. I absolutely regret getting into my first relationship because it’s fucking with my head and I want it to stop. It’s really hurting me and it’s been like two weeks.
When my Junior year started started and I am a year three Navy JROTC student. At the time when I was a sophomore I was a color guard captain and I was extremely committed for the point where I was just constantly training people to do simple things like March for a while during covid. A girl joined my guard and I taught her for a while and I weirdly got a crush on her. I thought of her a lot and I didn’t think she liked me. Junior year and she asked me to do her homework which was super easy and she did my homework which was super hard ap us history stuff, so I kinda thought she was stupid for doing that. We started going to the park and she asked me out. I was really ready to be in a relationship. I bought her a necklace like a week later for her birthday and she made me a squid plushy. Anyways our relationship consisted of getting to learn about each other, spend time to each other and we talked a lot on the phone. Even though her dad wouldn’t let us do a lot I still enjoyed every bit of it with her because I felt like I fell in love. I stopped being with friends to just commit to the relationship. Every night when I came home from wrestling I felt happy that I had someone to talk to when I came home. It was the first person I had ever done anything sexual with as well and god she was pretty.
The relationship had a lot of problems but I accepted it for what it was and I accepted all of her problems. When we first started dating she told me that she was going to probably going to break up with me in three months because she thought her family would cause problems. She definitely had past family problems, but her family situation was way better than mine and she isn’t poor as I am in a way. I absolutely loved her family and I loved hearing her talk about her day and what her mom or dad was up too.
Anyways I’m going to explain how it ended but it’s so insane how this can happen to me that every time I think about it I feel like throwing up. I feel like someone close to me has died, she was happy with me one day and the other day she wasn’t. I guess it’s good I get to experience it but the fact that someone can just be there one second and be gone the next secondkills me. On a Thursday it was like a normal day, I would see her at school and we where laughing and having fun. I called her that night and we did our usual night stuff. Friday she did seem a little off and she wanted to be with friends instead of me, But I never think about as I just assume she wants to be with friends that day and I couldn’t care less if that’s what she wanted to do. Later that night when I was doing a armed drill I spoke to her brother that I haven’t talked to much and he gave me bad vibes the whole night. We got into a argument that he was being totally petty about and he called me a narcissist. A navy cadet even told me later on that when I left he said that he has a problem with me. Then later I asked if he had a problem with me and he said something like “well, you are dating my sister.” I said, “what’s wrong with that, I’m a nice guy right?” And he said “ you will learn one day” I don’t remember if that was the full conversation but that’s what I remember. As a boyfriend who I think is quite mature, I thought the best thing to do would be to tell her about this when I got home so she would be aware. When I got home and told her she basically said that I lied about what I said because if he had a problem with me then he would have told her. Then she interrogated me all night about what happen and it made me feel like shit because I couldn’t remember everything and she kept making me repeat myself and kept saying it was strange that I couldn’t remember. It was almost like she thought I had a problem with him. She then hung up with me and I couldn’t stop sobbing that I could only sleep until my migraine got so bad that I passed out. The next day she seemed normal again and we talked at night, but I knew there was a problem when I said I loved her and she said you too. I don’t know why but I can read her well and when she said you too I kinda just knew she wasn’t over it. She then ignored me all of Sunday and broke up with me on Monday. This was a span of three fucking days . Before Friday we where fine and we never had any argument and on Friday she hated me and it was over something that everyone has said I made the right decision to try having a mature conversation with her. When she broke up with me, she said it wasn’t only because of that but also because I had narcissistic tendencies. I can’t help but to think that she talked with her brother because she is then calling be a narcissist. It’s almost weird she calls me that because I don’t think she knows what that means even though people in her family definitely has this problem as she has a three different moms. Her first mom was abusive to her and was definitely narcissistic from the way she described her and the fact she compared me to her broke me.
We agreed to stay as friends, but every time I tried talking to her she would ghost me . Then I had a mental breakdown in my military class and I started crying. She talked to me alone and really helped me get over everything and said we should stay as friends. Every time I tried to message her she would ghost me. I even tried telling her Goodmorning as I always did this with her and she didn’t message me back. I then saw her at lunch alone and we agreed to call each other on the weekend but she ghosted me again. I even asked if she was still interested in a call or talk and she said she didn’t want us to fall back in love and that’s why she won’t talk. I then felt like I had nothing to lose because I felt like she was just fucking with my head, so I sent her a long message telling her how I felt about everything. As I expected she ghosted me and now she won’t even acknowledge that I exist. I sit right next to her and she doesn’t look at me, talk to me or anything. It’s like she doesn’t want anything to do with me and it’s made me not be able to get over this and it’s hurting me so bad. I’m still sexually attracted to her so I feel ashamed to look at her and when I do I get that feeling of butterflies in my stomach, but it quickly turns into guilt which makes blood go away from my digestive track and i just have this constant throw up feeling when I think about her. I feel like a weirdo looking at her. I miss her so much and I just want to talk. I cry every night, I’ve cried in front of my friends and In front of my naval instructors and I’m tired of people seeing me like this. I can’t get sleep because she is stuck in my head and sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I wish I could kill myself because of how bad my stomach hurts and how much love I feel but it’s turned into sadness. I know it’s not true but I feel like I’ll never find another woman. I wish I never got myself into this mess because I never knew how much I craved romance and relationships and I feel like I need to get into another one. I wouldn’t get back with this girl if given a chance because I feel like she is just going to rip me apart again, even though I still like her. I definitely had my problems, but I accepted her problems and I feel like maybe she didn’t except my problems. I’m not a narcissist, but her calling her that made me feel terrible, I don’t even know how that could pop in her head unless her and her brother talked and he told her that I had narcissistic tendencies and she believed him. It’s so easy to label someone you don’t know with words that don’t mean anything. I could even go as far as to call him petty, but I know it’s the wrong this to do as I don’t know him. We arnt even in a scuffle anymore, he agrees that he was aggressive with me that night and now I feel like everything I’ve ever worked for is pointless. It’s embarrassing for people to see me cry this much and think I’m weak. I just want this to go away, I hate not being able to sleep, I hate feeling like I’m going to vomit and I hate having her in my head when I’m wrestling or commanding. I tried quitting wrestling when we broke up and thank god my naval instructor and coach talked me out of it. I just hope I can find someone who likes me. This relationship only lasted 6 months but for my first relationship it meant everything to me.
I just felt like I needed to get this out of my system again. I’m getting bored of thinking about this constantly.
I feel hopeless. Wrestling is the only thing that mildly takes my sadness away and I can turn it into anger and fight.
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2022.01.28 02:54 AlertDrive8984 I don't think thats normal...

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2022.01.28 02:54 jennifered Alex and Ani Referral Code
$10 to use towards your first purchase of $65+!
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