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North Melbourne assistant (Tom Lynch) set to land final list spot ahead of ex-Dee (Marty Hore)

2022.01.28 01:44 its_vf North Melbourne assistant (Tom Lynch) set to land final list spot ahead of ex-Dee (Marty Hore)

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2022.01.28 01:44 MKISONREDDIT MainFrame RP | MFRP

MainFrame RP | MFRP, is the newest and greatest roleplay server to join FiveM! Our community is enriched with many activities for both civilians and criminals. We have active city-workers, such as the LSPD, DoJ, EMS, and more! We are all about roleplay and a progression system for our players. Our server also has a BIG MMO feel to it, because of our enhanced crafting system and auction market, which will allow players to make money several ways rather than just your standard job center that other communities do. We have interactive environments such as going to different plants/trees/animals and gathering recourses and produce via our target system and also have a progressive skill system where you can boost your abilities such as stamina, strength, and more! We have a progressive robbery system for criminals, where you'll slowly take on bigger and bigger heists. We have TONS of activities for you to do such as tennis, darts, casino games, arm wrestling, and more! 300+ custom icons and clothes you won’t find anywhere else! With our active development team, this is only the beginning. Be a part of something great, you're in the mainframe baby!

Join our discord to get started! https://discord.gg/mainframerp

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2022.01.28 01:44 clip_mirror_bot Snuffy asked Crumpet a question

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2022.01.28 01:44 jdmay101 So... they definitely have to trade Halak, now right?

Because Spencer Martin should for sure be this team's backup goalie. 5 goals against on 113 shots for a .958 (and one of those was in 3 on 3 overtime).
Jaro's bonus hasn't kicked in yet, and he leads the NHL in even strength save percentage among goalies with 300+ minutes of playing time. Has to be worth a pick of some description, and the cap space they'd save is absolutely crucial.
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2022.01.28 01:44 screempai Also another one of my ideas

What if ln'ete became a part-time v-tuber?(on yt)
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2022.01.28 01:44 valcroft What is the thick orange hot sauce served in Chinese restos called? The one that looks like sriracha but isn't?

I've been trying to figure out where to buy this for some time. I end up just getting sriracha since that's what I find easily.
This hot sauce/chilli sauce tends to be put on radish cakes, taro puffs, dimsum etc.
Thought to ask here since someone might know. Do the stores make these on their own? I faintly remember seeing a bottle of this in a resto years agi, but foolish me didn't think of taking a picture.
Thanks in advance for any comments on this! :D
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2022.01.28 01:44 natedizzle721 How do I break into a clinical pharmacology role as a PharmD?

Would it be best to gain experience with Phoenix, WINNONLIN, R, etc? How do you get an entry level role?
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2022.01.28 01:44 dermforyou Ask me anything! Dermatologist new to Reddit

Hi! I'm new to Reddit and think this community is awesome! I would love to contribute, please send any skincare advice questions my way! We can't do anything "medical", but I'm happy to help on "skincare advice" that hopefully will save you tons of time and $$!
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2022.01.28 01:44 pha_uk_u Evriki ayina baapu bommalu geeyadam ocha?

If you do commission work, please respond. If you are good at it, I will work with you!
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2022.01.28 01:44 dbakes80 7 more I got to feed your bot!

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2022.01.28 01:44 Mikehurricane Who is she? I can't find her

7fd92fa1ae4701d7698b11644876279af9e93e3c_full.jpg (184×184) (steamstatic.com)
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2022.01.28 01:44 Rocketeer_99 What chance does WoW have at receiving resources from executives when franchises like CoD and Candy Crush generate many multiple times the amount of revenue WoW does?

When you look at the earnings reports for Activision Blizzard King, it's hard not to notice how small Blizzard is compared to its counterparts. As big of a name as Blizzard may be, their MAU's and net profits compared to Activision and King seem pretty weak, and in light of the companies upcoming acquisition by Microsoft games, I was wondering how plausible it might be to see WoW receive any attention or resources from its upcoming new executives. Especially considering just how much manpower and money it takes to run an MMORPG, the return on investment seems miniscule when compared to the massive returns the mobile market and 'freemium' games like current MOBA's and BR's can generate.
I think it's starting to dawn on me that MMORPGs in general just don't have as big of a market as I had hoped, and as far as I can tell, that doesn't exactly bode well for the future of the franchise. Am I missing something here? Because I would honestly more than welcome some semblance of good news
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2022.01.28 01:44 East_Conversation_38 Payment for sketchy website

If there’s a website I want to buy from but it only takes card, but I don’t want to put my info in. Is there a website that will like get me a card temp to buy this
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2022.01.28 01:44 SloppyEd Hi me again, I was wondering about the total number of people in the Capital Wasteland that are members of the Enclave,Brotherhood of steel, and Brotherhood Outcast, I would like your opinion on it

The Enclave outnumber the Brotherhood of steel even before the schism, in my head cannon I would say the Bos is outnumbered by atleast a hundred, I say that because they had to travel trough most of wasteland America to even get to the Capital Wasteland and they are bound to have left some dead or wounded, but the main thing i want to know is between the Brotherhood and Brotherhood Outcast who has the bigger numbers.
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2022.01.28 01:44 MuffWreckerGiddeon Will they? Won't they? Is the worst trope in television and movie history.

Pretty self explanatory. But, I always hate the teeter totter and the artificial roadblocks to two characters getting together. Its not suspenseful as we know it will happen in some capacity. Romance on the screen is absolute crap in general.
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2022.01.28 01:44 RebootStudy2021 Acadmic study of Reboot/NoFap seeks volunteers

Acadmic study of Reboot/NoFap seeks volunteers We are running an academic study of Reboot/NoFap approaches to porn/masturbation. If you would like information about volunteering, please visit our university server https://redcap.link/reboot
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2022.01.28 01:44 Independent_Box_931 My oc Sachio! He’s just a scrappy little kid from inner city New York!

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2022.01.28 01:44 loripalm557 What’s something manipulative you do?

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2022.01.28 01:44 HawksNStuff "Can you cap it please?"

Reworking our AE comp plan and COO asked me to cap it. I laughed, awkward pause, "oh you're serious, no we aren't doing that".
"Why not?"
"Because I want our AEs to make a fuck ton of money, and make us a fuck ton of money"
"Yeah, but I'm trying to decrease the overall sales budget"
"Yeah... No... You're not..."
Not every VP is a shithead, I got your backs, I remember where I came from.
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2022.01.28 01:44 Stas9t [Highlight] Steph Curry "and 1" tough finish

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2022.01.28 01:44 tgallup Media 🎪

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2022.01.28 01:44 AletxiaM95 Taxes

Any tips on the taxes is my first time doing them but i only worked like a month about $1900 but i feel they are taking way too much
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2022.01.28 01:44 Mcgruberstoothpick I might seriously set up a dirty work business

I have a dick head boss, and barely anybody knows about dirty work, the movie if I can set one up in my local town I’m gonna be a successful entrepreneur thanks to norm
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2022.01.28 01:44 Arctic_Snowfox Maya Teasing Mayuka

Does anyone have a link to the video where Maya is about to tease Mayuka but turns to Ayaka first. Ayaka shakes her head like “don’t do it.” Then Maya proceed anyways. All 9 of them are standing in the video. Ayaka is on the far left.
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2022.01.28 01:44 suicidesaints1 Grossest Foley

Hi all! The Patron Saint of Suicides is gearing up for our Season 2 release, and we’re having some fun playing with sound effects. Last season we had a head-dunking scene in a toilet that involved a lot of foley love and some excellent performance from our actors, and we’re getting a lot stranger in Season 2. What’s the most memorable sound effect you’ve heard or produced? Cringeworthy, funny, or just cool?
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