Worried about 2FA

2022.01.28 03:19 PraxicMirror Worried about 2FA

Hey all, this is my first time looking into a password manager and I've been trying to wrap my head around everything to make sure I'm covered on all sides in case of extreme situations and I keep just running into problems with handling 2FA if something happens (planning to use Authy as my 2FA for BW). I'm pretty much looking for a solution if for instance I lost absolutely everything (phone, pc, paper, yubikey, etc, so maybe a house fire for instance would cause that)
What would be some options to make sure, in the case of that event, that I'm able to get back into my account? I know extreme situations are unlikely, but I'd like to be prepared
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2022.01.28 03:19 cowboyd11 Which receiver for LS50's in home theatre setup?

Hi everyone looking to have a 3.1 setup and eventually upgrade to a 5.1.2 setup with Dolby Atmos. I really love the look of Kef ls50's either the original or the metas and want to add them to a home theatre setup! The setup would be:
L & R Channel: LS50's
Centre: Kef Q650c
Sub: SVS PB1000
Rears (eventually) Q150's
What would be the best receiver to power all this? I would also like to listen to music in 2.1 sometimes, but setup would mainly be for home theatre. Please let me know what you think! Thanks so much for reading.
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2022.01.28 03:19 davekayaus Phoenix Lord Maugan-Ra

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2022.01.28 03:19 Alex__Moran Mistaken Identity

I’m having an issue where people are mistaking me for someone else named Doreen. I don’t know who Doreen Ford is, but I’m getting confused with her regularly. She allegedly has a criminal past, and people are thinking that committed rape because of the mixup. How can I resolve this?
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2022.01.28 03:19 97thredditaccount Mick Jagger - Memo From Turner [HD]

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2022.01.28 03:19 ThrowRA443536282 In need of perspective - supervisor yelling at me because I missed some students mistakes

This week a supervisor told me we need to talk because I have a scheduled surgery in a few weeks. But when I came to talk he only shortly brushed that topic before yelling at me because he went through all of my students textbooks and found mistakes that I didn’t correct.
Since he is a very toxic and narcissistic person I tried to give him little to yell more at me and offered taking a grammar course to give him some although I know this isn’t actually the problem. I’m very confident in my skills. The problem is that I‘m overworked and overwhelmed and have health problems, but he stated thats my problem and if I can’t correct students works properly to look for work elsewhere.
I‘m thinking of changing district but I’m afraid he will talk negatively about me so I’m considering quitting altogether. Which is really sad because I love teaching, I love the kids. the kids all like me and my colleagues all like me too, just last week a colleague went out of his way to tell me how impressed he is with the way I work with kids and that I inspire him.
He also told me has a talk scheduled with the districts quality manager and will tell him about this major problem with me, which has me thinking of throwing it altogether. I don’t know what to do, I feel really bad when just a week ago i thought everything was going fine and I’m finally in a place I belong and where I can spend my working years.
I do have a degree in psychology too so I could easily go back to taking clients but that’s not what I wanted. Any advice? (Also English is not my first language so sorry for any mistakes.)
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2022.01.28 03:19 wheelsdestiny Best Places to visit in Gangtok (2022)

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2022.01.28 03:19 Farseer_Uthiliesh Maugan Ra!

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2022.01.28 03:19 laserbulletatombomb [WTS] P320 grips, P365xl holster, A1 upper parts, DAA belt and pouches. $240 (MN)

All prices are shipped. PayPal. F&F Only. First DIBS and PM takes it. Thanks.
Sig P320 stuff

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2022.01.28 03:19 Alvegrait What's your favorite gland in the human endocrine system?

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2022.01.28 03:19 Maleficent_Formal507 My own cabin-in-the-woods story

Hey, Mr.Ballen! Are you down for a good cabin in the woods story? My name is Annie, and this is what happened
About three years ago I was working at a private school in San Luis Potosí, México. I was teaching the 5th grade. Every year, around April, this school takes the kids to a pretty cool camp in the mountains for children's day. It's about 45 minutes away from the city in a mountain system called Sierra de Álvarez. You have to get off the highway and go up the mountains for another 20 minutes passing a small village and a beautiful road full of trees and squirrels and coyotes. For 3 days, children get to go zip lining and rappelling and hiking and other stuff, and at night, teachers get to look after them the whole night while they play around in the cabins (this part, I hated). The camp has 4 big cabins that can host up to 20 people. Nothing fancy though, they're just big rooms with huge cement bunk beds and 1 bathroom each. There's no electricity or running water whatsoever, you know, for the full experience. And there's a small cabin for 2 people (usually used for principals), a dining area, a kitchen and a big room that they use for different activities.
That year (2019), we left school on a Wednesday morning and got to the camp around 10 am. Children were divided into 4 groups, and each group was given a cabin. Then, us teachers decided which group we were going to stay with. That particular time was special because one of our coordinators (Patty) had gone to the camp with us (which was unusual but she was all about the adventure), and since she was in the higher ranks she got cabin number 5 all for herself. I, on the other hand, was staying in one of the girls' cabins. The first night, we were sent to our cabins at 9 pm after having dinner. Girls had taken up the upper part of the bunk bed and by 10 pm they had already started their "party". I took a spot in the lower bed and was reading a book, making sure that girls didn't go too wild or out of the cabin. At around 11 pm the girls asked me to climb up to their party to ask me some questions and give them some advice about boys (they were 5th graders so it was basically which one they should choose, the one with freckles or the one with pretty hair) so we were talking and laughing, making jokes when, all of a sudden, Patty (the coordinator) came barreling into our cabin all scared, shaking and almost crying. We were startled but worried about her, so we sat her on the bed and tried to help her calm down. When she relaxed a little bit, we asked her what had happened and she said that while she was in her cabin's bathroom she had heard a rustling sound and when she pointed her flashlight towards it, there was a little mouse looking at her, that's when panic hit and she ran out into the darkness and then into our room. There was a moment of silence and then all of the girls began laughing so hard that I couldn't hold it any longer and started laughing myself, then it was Patty's turn to burst into wild laughter. We gave her a little bit of a hard time about it but of course we let her spend the night with us. The next day was pretty normal, kids were doing camp stuff with the guides while teachers drank coffee waiting for the night. It was March and by that time I had already decided to quit my job at the end of the school year, so since it was my last time at this camp so I decided to really enjoy it. That day I went for a 3-hour walk, I took pictures, climbed little hills and sat under a beautiful tree. I was very happy that day. However, it was during the second night that things got really ugly. But before I tell you about it, I need to stop a little bit and describe the cabin's layout for better understanding. The cabin is basically a big rectangular room say 10x5 mts. If you stand in front of it, the door is on the left side and there are two small windows on the right side of the door. As you enter the rectangle you can see one large cement bunk bed on the back wall, which is almost as long as the room is, and narrow tables along the door's wall for the children to put their bags on. On the far right of the room, right where the bunk bed ends, there is a huge wooden shelf for backpacks, not along the wall but up against the bunk bed. The shelf is separated from the east wall by 1.5 mts of empty space (like a small hallway) and between them on the north wall is the door that leads into the bathroom. Now, just was you described your cabin in woods, the back side of mine is embedded on the side of a hill so even if you're on the top part of the bunk beds, if you look outside the windows behind your head you're at literally floor level, same with the bathroom window. Having said that, let's continue. The second night, the girls were all crammed on the upper part of the bunk beds and Patty and I were on the lower part (she didn't wanna be room mates with the mouse, so she stayed with us again). Girls were laughing and eating all kinds of junk food, playing truth or dare and other kids' games. Patty and I were sure that the girls were fine and not about to start diving into the floor so we were kind of dozing out. At around 11 one the girls started screaming bloody murder because she had seen a face on one of the windows behind them. Patty, I and the rest of the girls, although startled, tried to calm her down, we got up and told her that it was probably one of the boys that got out of his cabin and was trying to scare them, this seemed to make sense to her and she went back to whatever they were doing. But, that wasn't possible because those windows were at ground level (remember?) not completely covered by it but let's say half and half. By 12 pm, every girl in that room, Patty included, was sound asleep, which I found pretty odd, compared to other years, girls would stay up almost all night. Nonetheless, I was so grateful because I was going to be able to get some sleep, and so I did. By the way, the spot I took on the bed was right next to the shelf where the mattress ended. At 2 am (I looked at my cellphone) I woke up needing to go the bathroom hating my bladder for making me get out of my warm nest. The floor was super cold so I had to put on my shoes and doing so woke me up for good. I went ahead, did my thing, all good, but as I was about to go back to bed I noticed that the window was open, (and I had made sure it was closed before we went to sleep, as I said, it was very cold) but I figured it had been one of the girls and just reached out to close it. I took a quick peek outside the window and I saw 2 dark figures about 40 feet away down the hill. One of them was sort of crouching and the other one was standing right next to it, I only had the night sky light so I couldn't make them out well. First I thought they were people, but then again, I gave myself a good explanation, "They're just cows! These hills are swarming with cows and bulls, Annie". And just as the girl did earlier, I believed my own story and I went back to bed. As I laid down and was fighting with my 3 blankets I had this horrible feeling of dread, like I was being watched, and then all of a sudden I was super scared for no reason. I remember feeling this awful fear of looking at the window that was in front of me (although the other window didn't have the same effect. I checked). It was so strange. Then, I got this feeling that someone or something was poking their head through the shelf to look at me, of course there was nothing there but it was a very strong sensation. On top of that, I suddenly got the unexpected random mental image of an old lady with very long white hair, wearing a dark robe. I was so spooked that in order to sleep, I had to make a little bundle with the top part of my blankets right under my chin so that they would block my sight from the window and I rolled just a little to the right so that the shelf was also out of my sight. Then, I put on my earphones and drilled my head with music not caring about my hearing being damaged or my phone's battery being drained. I concentrated on the music and after a while I was finally falling asleep, when suddenly, I felt something moving next to me on the bed, it was like someone was hitting the bed with their open hands. I snapped my eyes open and turned on the flashlight and I saw Patty doing exactly that, as if she was trying to put out a fire on the bed. I took off my earphones and asked her what was going on and she kept repeating "it was here, it was right here" as she kept striking and looking for something. I asked her again and she said "the mouse, the mouse was here I could hear it rustling". I was kind of relieved when she said that and even pretended to help her look for the damn mouse. But there was nothing. I checked my phone and it was 4 am. After we calmed down, I was ready to go back to sleep, but Patty was too scared and asked if I could stay awake and talk to her. I really wanted to get some rest but I wasn't gonna leave her alone, so I agreed and we started talking. We shared so many things, so frantically that we practically became best friends over the course of 2 hours. But during those 2 hours a lot of weird things happened. First, the girls on top of us started taking in their sleep, all of them randomly saying "No! No! Leave me alone!". We kind of hushed them but we didn't know what to do and we were certainly not going to get up to check on them. Then, when everything was silent again, a bag of chips was sent flying across the room, over the shelf, against the wall and down to the floor, from the girls' bed. I told Patty it must had been one of girls (although the next morning I checked and on the shelf there were these small ceramic thingies that would have definitely been pushed by the bag of chips and they were all in their place). And all through our bonding time, we were hearing AND ignoring this particular noise coming from the wall behind us, it was like someone was dragging a branch on the outside of it, left to right, right to left. I told Patty it was the wind moving the trees on the hills or maybe an animal... But remember that that part of the cabin was inside the hill? That wall was UNDER the ground. Patty was sure relieved with every explanation I managed to pull out of my sleeve, but I was definitely on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I knew none of them were possible. And I had had those terrible feelings before. But, morning finally came after what felt like 3 nights in a row and we immediately got out of bed and of the cabin where, oddly enough, we felt safe. We washed out faces and started wandering around. It was 6 am, not even the camp guides were up yet. I was dying to smoke a cigarette, so I asked Patty to come outside of the camp with me and she totally agreed, she didn't smoke but she wasn't gonna stay behind all alone. We walked and found a good spot on the hill and sat down. I guess we were both trying to make sense of what had happened the night before but neither of us said anything, until Patty decided to break the silence. "None of the explanations you gave me were actually true, were they?" She asked "Nope, there was something else with us in that cabin last night, I don't know what it was I could definitely feel it" I said. Then, I proceeded to tell her what I had felt before she woke up. We decided we weren't going to tell any of the other teachers about this, because we didn't wanna scare them. When it was finally time for breakfast we happily walked back into the camp and sat down to get some nice coffee and food. One of the teachers, Arcelia, saw us together and sat in our table. We greeter her and before we could ask her how she was doing, she said "the weirdest thing happened to me last night". Patty and I exchanged quick glances. Arcelia continued "I woke up at 2 am after having a terrible nightmare where I was in the cabin and began hearing a scratchy noise, I got up and opened the door, and right there I saw two hands, they were wrinkly like those of a very old woman. There was a knife in one if the hands and with it she was kind of like scratching something of her other hand. That something looked like a small bone and it was bloody. I looked up and saw the face of an old lady with very long white hair wearing a black robe" (I'm getting goosebumps right now). But it didn't end there, after waking up all shaken up, Arcelia managed to calm down and went back to sleep. However, she had a second nightmare, this one about her brother being hurt in the middle of the mountains and she woke up again at 4 am... Just like me. Patty and I didn't say anything about our own experience although we did show her some empathy. Then, a second teacher sat down with us and Patty and I kind of silently agreed to ask him about his night. He told us that it hadn't been bad except that he woke up twice after feeling his facing getting terribly cold... I think you can guess at what times he woke up. What's even weirder is that all of us knew the exact times at which we woke up. After this, I decided it was time to tell them about what had happened to us. I made sure to whisper so that the children around us wouldn't hear me, but the principal (who was sitting on the table next to us) was kind of able to hear me. She very calmly stood up and said "Oh my god, you guys are making such a big fuzz out of it. Those things don't exist and you better not tell the other teachers that are already on their way to come here". I told her that I had no intention of telling anyone else and that there was nothing to worry about. She said "I know you're not going to tell anyone, but you should stop reading about those things, you got yourself so scared over nothing. It's just your imagination, you're predisposing yourself. Look at me! I'm totally fine, the only thing that happened to me was that I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the stupid cold night. Once at 2 and then again at 4". At this, I almost dropped dead, but I didn't say anything. After breakfast, we packed up our stuff, got on the bus and we couldn't be happier to leave that damn place. And after 2 hours, we were each in our houses, taking long showers, back to normal. The principal went back to the camp the next week with the last group and during that time, she had the chance to talk to a one of the little boys of the community located near the camp. She asked him if he knew anything about spooky things happening around that area, and sure enough he told her that everyone there knew that there was a witch haunting those mountains... An old lady, with long, white hair, wearing a black robe. I had trouble sleeping after she told me that.
A couple of days ago (2022) the principal called me, offering me a job in the same school again. I agreed, but I told her that I'm NOT going back to the camp. She laughed and said it wasn't going to be necessary... Thank God.
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2022.01.28 03:19 LunaEveValo Selling Stacked NA Valorant Account for $500 ($1350 Spent) *Negotiable

Selling Stacked NA Valorant Account for $500 ($1350 Spent) *Negotiable Hey if you are interested you can add me on Discord :) - ♥Luna♥#7893
I'm selling my NA Valorant Account that I spent over $1350 on!
It includes - Riot Buddy PBE Access Champions Bundle Arcane Bundle
North American Valorant Account

All non bp skins include -
Spectrum Classic Oni Shorty Prime Frenzy Sovereign Ghost Arcane Sheriff Sentinels of Light Sheriff Sovereign Stinger Ruination Spectre Prime Bucky Elderflame Judge Spectrum Bulldog Prime Guardian Protocol Phantom Prime Phantom Glitchpop Phantom Spectrum Phantom Sentinels of Light Vandal Champions Vandal Sovereign Marshal Sentinels of Light Operator Elderflame Operator Sentinels of Light Ares Prime Odin Champions Karambit Prime Karambit Glitchpop Dagger Glitchpop Axe Elderflame Dagger RGX Pro Blade
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2022.01.28 03:19 UnitedInternet7646 H: BE flamer W: TSEfms NU laser

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2022.01.28 03:19 govamarketingcebu Remote Work Can Help U.S. Businesses Bring Down the Cost of Hiring in 2022

How will you change the way you recruit talent for your business this year?
How will you change the way you recruit talent for your business this year? In the U.S., the combined challenges of rising pay and a skills shortage in most occupations severely limit the options of business leaders and recruiters. Yet we also know that with the right frameworks, tools, and support, remote work can work very well. So there’s no reason business leaders need to limit themselves to what’s available in their home cities and states.
Learn how working from home can save companies money
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2022.01.28 03:19 ZenofyMedia A most impressive display: Behind the latest Lunar New Year skins

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2022.01.28 03:19 v3ta Name a big 3 that worked well together on year 1

With all the frustration around our big 3 this season not performing well - it kind of reminds me of when we got Dwight the first time.
When did a big 3 ever perform well on their first year playing together?
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2022.01.28 03:19 InvisibleShadowGhost The new screenshot ui is finally merged 🎉

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2022.01.28 03:19 GrandioseTiger Should I book integration sessions with a therapist following my ketamine infusions?

Hi guys! I'm planning to start ketamine infusions to treat depression, anxiety, and OCD in a couple of weeks. The clinic I will be going to offers integration sessions afterwords with a therapist who specializes in this area for an additional charge. Money isn't an issue if it's worthwhile and helps me heal and get more out of the experience. Just wanted to hear people's thoughts and/or experiences positive or negative.
Separately, I already have a therapist who I've been going to for the past couple of months and will be continuing with regardless. She just doesn't specialize in this area. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 03:19 doublealty Please 🥺

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2022.01.28 03:19 PlanetVisitor Nodding style thoughts/mental images

When I am laying down in the first four hours after taking Suboxone, for example if I take my second Suboxone too late in the afternoon, I experience a very strange phenomenon.
I see an extremely diverse, unstructured sequence of a lot of visions/mental imagery, all completely unrelated to one another. Also thoughts are totally unstructured. It's the same as with nodding off when taking a high dose of oxycodone or heroin in the past. The thoughts/images are intrusive in the sense that they can't be ignored easily. And it feels scary because "they are not my own thoughts". They are so random. It's very unsettling when you can't control this. As if having extremely vivid dreams while awake. Not good dreams but not nightmares either, just completely random stuff, while the randomness does make it a bit scary.
Does anyone else experience this?
I'm on it for over 6 months already and didn't change the dose.
I only experience it just after dosing so I'm not extremely worried about my mental health.
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2022.01.28 03:19 dawah_team Life is a COMPLETE package - Mufti Menk

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2022.01.28 03:19 Thenamessd Artificial Nightmares : Pennywise the Dancing Clown || DD PYTTI VQGAN AI Art Video [4K 60 FPS]

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2022.01.28 03:19 sad_boy2002 Hand stand fart (10 years old)

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2022.01.28 03:19 SexyN8 WE 3 Kings Be Beating Pedophiles.

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2022.01.28 03:19 wheelsdestiny Best Places to visit in Gangtok (2022)

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