"Garnxsh" - Prod by Justin Ransom (Funky Oldschool Hiphop Type Beat) [Free To Use]

2022.01.28 02:58 JustinRansom "Garnxsh" - Prod by Justin Ransom (Funky Oldschool Hiphop Type Beat) [Free To Use]

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2022.01.28 02:58 daycare_poor Help me decide. BBS02B Mid drive conversion or sell both and buy new ebike

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2022.01.28 02:58 mmillington Episode XII: “Like a waiting target, is the pervious heart"

A gallery with the first 12 chapters, 76 pages of Darconville’s Cat
Hello and welcome to Thursdays with Theroux, an ongoing series spotlighting a piece of Alexander Theroux's work in weekly installments, with novels spread out over several months, stories and essays given several weeks.
The plan is to eventually cover everything Theroux has written that is reasonably accessible. I'll be compiling lists that cover the availability of specific texts and expected cost. Thankfully, most of his work is readily available (with a few exceptions) or will be soon.
Each week's post will feature a recap of the reading, highlighting themes and some of the allusions, trivia, arcane words (of course), and anything else that jumps out, along with discussion prompts to get things going, but it'll really be a free-for-all. All questions, comments, and impressions are fair game.
This week’s reading is my favorite chapter so far, a combination of classical references/allusions, slapstick, sexual tension, an awkward crush, and a simply beautifully described scene.
Chapter XIV: The Witchery of Archery I haven’t found the exact source for the epitaph from Claude Levi-Strauss, French structuralist and ethnologist. It may be from “The Structural Study of Myth” (1955), but I can’t confirm the exact wording.
A class of freshmen students is learning archery, and most of the young women are failing miserably, to the increasing frustration of the aptly named PE teacher, Miss Ballhatchet: “No more than two or three hit the targets. Some flew sideways. Several twirled right around the bowstrings. And one deposited in a lateral whistle not four inches from Miss Ballhatchet’s manfully emplanted feet, whereupon, almost swallowing her whistle, she hopfrogged up with a piglike squeal” (80). This is almost exactly like my first experience with archery during a summer day camp when I was 10 or 11. Only one of us managed to get an arrow in the vicinity of the target. Most kids were the “flew sideways” or “twirled right around the bowstrings” types. It took a dozen tries before I hit the target.
Ballhatchet makes reference to the women’s legacy as superior archers, and she tries to rally pride in the young women. I haven’t found much in terms of historical references to corroborate this, aside from the Amazons, Viking shieldmaidens, and Artemis, goddess of the hunt whose symbol was the bow and arrow and was twin sister to Apollo, god of archery. If anyone knows of a good resource on the history of women in archery, please let me know.
While the comical scene unfolds, Darconville sits on a hill at the edge of the field writing a reply for the litigation of his grandmother’s estate in Venice. Ballhatchet’s screaming disturbs roosting crows, and Darconville composes a fine piece of irony: ”onto a shaft the bird’s own feathers are grafted as fletches, and what must that bird think whose own quills, shafted and sped, strike it a fatal wound in mid-sky” (81). A bird’s discarded feather guides the shaft kills the bird.
Theroux weaves these moments of dark irony together with educational references and purely comical depictions of Ballhatchet, such as the paragraph on types of draws and bow construction, and during a demonstration of string waxing, “her breasts walloping up and down to the vigorous action” (81), followed by, a few paragraphs later, a paragraph that catalogues the next set of slapstick attempts to fire an arrow (81-2).
We next get indications of Darconville’s ongoing sexual awakening as he sits watching the young women: “their youthful and soft-sinewed bodies warm from activity, perfect, shaped to full and nubile curves within the close-fitting white uniforms, like Greek maidens, heedless of time, sporting on the ancient plains of Lyrcea” (82).
And, of course, one of the few “efficient” archeresses—" Defter than the others, more consistent, was one lustrous bow, drawing, releasing, and whistling arrow after arrow into the bullseye as if she owned it”—is Isabel Rawsthorne (82). She is described as “the chaste huntress, a golden Phrygian in white tunic, her hair knotted behind in a bun of attic beauty by an oxhide thong. The girl, plainly sought after, wooed, admired, seemed to breed idolatry among her classmates who consistently coupled up to her for conversation. She was the best in the field. Everyone knew it, the students, the teacher” (82). She embodies classical aesthetic values and heroic skills, while drawing the adoration of her peers and instructor.
But Isabel’s also vulnerable: In a line taken from Thomas Babington Macaulay’s long poem “The Battle of The Lake Regillus,” about a Fifth Century battle near Rome, “As stared the famished eagle from the Digentian rock on a choice lamb that bounds alone before Bandusia’s flock Miss Ballhatchet stared on Isabel” (82). Isabel inspires hunger. Also implied may be Ballhatchet’s sexual frustrations. As later described in her interactions with Isabel, Ballhatchet “never failed to circle this girl by the waist, take her to herself, and sapphonically whisper a soft word of praise into the belomant’s golden hair, as if to say with Kalliphonos of Gadara: ‘O love, thy quiver holdeth no more winged shafts, for all thine arrows are into me’” (83). The touching, sapphonic whispers. I can’t pinpoint the Kalliphonos reference.
Theroux repeatedly layers multiple Greek references, often in lists that add texture to his allusions, but it makes tracking down his sources exceptionally difficult. Each chapter could easily carry twice its length in footnotes.
Darconville actively struggles against his growing desire for Isabel and “the idea of a beautiful woman,” in a callback to the “Bright Star” lecture in Chapter X: “the artist’s love of beauty, he also knew, should be totally separated from his desire, no? Yes!” (83). Darconville signs his letter and walks away, but not before catching another glimmer of Isabel: “he thought he saw one particular girl, standing off from the group, turn and look up long at him across the expanse of green— an irradiated countenance that now, for a month or more, had shone upon him at sudden, heart-stopping, and unlooked-for moments, like spirits meeting air in air” (83). She continues to be a source of illumination for Alaric, a reference that plays a significant role in future chapters.
Darconville tries to maintain idealistic distance from Isabel: ” It was all quite strange but, if a fantasy, nothing more than that. Darconville had no intention of anything more than that. They had never exchanged a word, and mightn’t, and it didn’t matter” (83), and the narrative drifts into a meditation on mysticism and dreams and an assent to his own vulnerability: “It is the nostalgic sigh of air that supports the whistling shaft, shooting at us precisely from nowhere; such, like a waiting target, is the pervious heart” (84).
He walks to the post office and drops off his letter, turning around to have Isabel standing in front of him, and they’re alone for the first time: “she was positively beautiful, her skin luminous, glowing with perspiration, her hair pure flax drawn back from her youthful temples showing slight blue veins, and her eyes as clear as the waters of the Dircaean spring. She was still wearing her archery clothes, wristlet, and arm-brace, and, while she seemed mortal enough, he might have been staring upon the angel Zagzagel, flaming above the burning bush”
Narrative repetition: Narrator says,” The girl’s bow was canted ridiculously,” and Miss Ballhatchet, immediately says, “Your bow is canted ridiculously” (79).
Apollo, god of archery, twin sister Artemis, twin of Apollo, weapon bow and arrow; moon deer cypress.
Discussion Questions Here are a few prompts to generate discussion, but feel free to post any reactions/questions.

  1. As with many chapters so far, Theroux introduces a topic and demonstrates more than a cursory knowledge of the finer details of the subject. Did he inspire you to look more into archery?
  2. XXXX
  3. XXXX
  4. XXXX
  5. XXXX
Next week, Feb. 3: Chapters XV.
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2022.01.28 02:58 Shrewdness_Owns_SHF What is the worst music genre and why?

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2022.01.28 02:58 saab_story9090 If you were to go on Jeopardy, what would your interesting factoid be?

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2022.01.28 02:58 psycho--killa H: be1p dragon non legacy and exe night vision enclave plasma rifle and tse50breaks assault rifle W: caps and junk offers

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2022.01.28 02:58 custardtart13 I have guilt about possibly leaving my job...

Basically as the title says.
For some context, I am 22F. I work in admin based jobs in Australia. I was at this job at a social justice centre where I was an intake officer. I loved that job; great pay and I love helping people. I resigned as I was moving out of home and as they were a non-profit place, they couldn't give me the job security I needed.
I got my current job. I've only been here for 4 months, and I hate it. The work is boring; I am an admin officer for a small, privately owned and run accounting firm. The pay is shit, and the work is unfulfilling. I reached out to my previous employer asking if they had any openings; they were excited to hear from me and I am going in next week for an "interview", but it is just a formality.
I feel so much guilt, because I have only been at this current place for 4 months and I want to leave. They are also small so my absence will be noticed with workload. I am intending to give notice, but I know they will struggle to fill the position as the pay is horrendous. I only took it because is was permanent full time.
How do I go about resigning from my current workplace? I feel like they may understand my leaving, but if they don't I am unsure how I will cope giving notice and having everyone ask me why, or what they did wrong. I just feel bad
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2022.01.28 02:58 Ducky2z Rough and Beautiful Place, by Mydreamfever

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2022.01.28 02:58 SzymonKurzacz ATS #14 - Empty pallets: Reno - Lakeview

The new truck, new cargo, new destination. Funny little thingy. I've got a load of empty pallets, easy, lightweight cargo. But it was in the supershort trailer, so my truck looked funny with that.
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2022.01.28 02:58 SHREKS_TITTIES_ Love is fucking exhausting

So there's this girl i like and i like her a lot. (Im also a girl) This is the first girl crush I've ever truly realized i had besides celebrities and fictional characters. I knew i had small crushes on some women but i always told myself that it wasn't a crush but instead jealously and i just wanted to be them. When i realized i liked her i was kind of hopeful since she had liked me back once before. Last August she asked me out. Sadly i rejected her because i liked some guy. I thought i might have an actual chance with her since we were friends and it was possible for someone like her to like somebody like me. She recently found out i liked her because my sister told her younger sister who eventually told her. Im not mad at my sister or anything im just sad i couldn't be the one to tell her. It would be a while before i would have ever asked her out though because there were some things i needed to do first. I wanted to get skinnier, learn how to be in a relationship considering this would be my first one if she said yes, i also wanted to get my driver's license which I'll hopefully get next year since she lives an hour away and i want to see her. I also kind of want to get a job so that i could buy her things. There's just one problem. She likes her ex. As far as i know, her ex was a bitch to her, but if she's happy then she's happy. I am a little hopeful though because even though she rejected me, she still said that she'd come to me if anything ever happened with them. Im not saying i want anything to happen but relationships at a young age never last long. That's why i wanna do the best i can to make the relationship last as long as possible because i know we'll probably end up breaking up in the end and that's what im scared of. That's always why i never dated. I wasn't ready for anyone to leave me. Even though i know it'll happen, i still love her and even if we only dated for a week, i would still be happy. But none of this is the real reason i made this post. I was on my tiktok for you page and i saw a video of hers. It was basically just a camera dump where she posted a bunch of pictures that were in her camera roll. I was happy at first until i saw one specific photo. Her and her girlfriend with her arms around her saying "couple goals". And im not sad that it's her and not me, im sad that they are actually cute together and i realize that im not a good match for her. For anyone to be exact. Im not a good girlfriend or at least i don't think I'll be. I'm not good at being all lovey-dovey and i honestly have a hard time saying "i love you". If i can't do the best i can to make her happy then I'd much rather her be with someone who can. Because i love her. It would hurt like a bitch seeing her with someone else but i feel like I'd only end up hurting her. Sometimes i feel like im bound to be alone forever.
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2022.01.28 02:58 New_Preparation4224 vocês conhecem algum homem fiel?

eu tenho muito problema em confiar em homem, e, apesar de isso ser uma questão minha mesmo, eu acho justificável, considerando que, de todos os casais casados há décadas que conheço, todos os maridos traíram. não que mulher não traia, mas homem faz isso com muita mais frequência, e isso me desanima de ter um relacionamento, porque sempre acho que vou ser traída.
e não tem a ver comigo. sou bem confiante, gosto de mim mesma, mas parece que homem não se contenta só com uma.
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2022.01.28 02:58 IAmNotABritishSpy Let them waste one of their teammates time.

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2022.01.28 02:58 MathematicianSad1136 Anyone looking to sell theirs tidbyt??

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2022.01.28 02:58 Saphira9315 If lion king was a porno

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2022.01.28 02:58 Reismooch She's now safe from acquiring any dust ^w^

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2022.01.28 02:58 jyoti6186 Intoxication is not for human being's. It turns a human being into a devil. Sant Rampal ji Maharaj

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2022.01.28 02:58 insertmeme19 I'm so confused

I've meet servers people with the letters "LSA" beginning of there name. Is this like a clan? What is it?
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2022.01.28 02:58 Confident-Knee3833 The Netherwing intro quests/dailies have dramatically made the playerbase extremely toxic.

It’s NOT worse than the AQ40 event for Scarab Lord, I’ll just say that now. But Netherwing Ledge has gone completely off the rails. You must complete all of the intro quests to unlock the dailies. Just getting to that point requires players to constantly grief others and having luck on egg drops.
Farming crystals off mobs is nearly impossible. You need 30 to complete the quest but since you can farm as many as you want and bank em for later, there’s no rotation of players collecting 30 then getting out. Meaning everybody not in Hyjal/BT is competing for tags on spawn. There are also many druids stealing tags with moonfire getting tags on frame 1-2. Your best chance is finding a section that has 1-3 spawns and praying that others walking towards you just move on and leave you be. That rarely happens though.
You need 10 Relics to drop off Dragoaw Transporters. Every single spawn is camped by 3-5 players. From what I’ve seen it’s around a 30% drop rate. That’s not too bad but getting tags is so hard to do. You can tell where the pat starts by a big circle of players at each one trying to find every creative way to get a tag from the others.
Good luck finding eggs. Very low drop rate, my general chat is filled by ppl who have killed 300+ mobs and haven’t seen one. Mining nodes and herb spots have been memorized already, they aren’t up for more than a few seconds if someone isn’t already standing there. Again, you must complete this quest to unlock the dailies.
Farming Fel Glands isn’t bad since mobs from the entire zone drop them so that one is fine.
I do realize that it’s day1 which is always the worst. In the future, players will unlock dailies and just complete them whenever like usual. A large amount of players will just stop once they see how much effort this will take. It’s not likely to happen but I think Blizzard making the crystals not farmable after you get 30 and have to turn in would help immensely.
Idk. I’m sure I’m just being over dramatic about an awesome flying mount being hard to get. Silver lining, I’ll definetely have a lot more respect for those that have the mount within the first few weeks. I hate what this has done to the players though, the grieving/toxicity/flaming has skyrocketed. I can’t even imagine what pvp servers are like.
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2022.01.28 02:58 Eidolon-Visuals YOU COULD GO TO JAIL FOR THIS

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2022.01.28 02:58 thejokerofunfic If a work isn't listed anywhere in the official public copyright database, is it public domain?

The work in question is a browser game originally published by Warner Bros. I find it hard to believe a game by a company as big as Warner would not be copyrighted, but I can't find any record of the game in any way in the database. Are some works not listed in the public database? I have reason to believe the game is no longer owned by Warner and want to find out who the current rights holder is.
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2022.01.28 02:58 BrightPluto I need help. I'm looking to convert some crypto into ZK rollup coins. Which projects from the list should I keep and which should I get rid of? Any ZK roll up projects to look into that I don't have?

I need help. I'm looking to convert some crypto into ZK rollup coins. Which projects from the list should I keep and which should I get rid of? Any ZK roll up projects to look into that I don't have? submitted by BrightPluto to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 02:58 _CheMian_ 🤣🤣🤣 SAVAGE !

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2022.01.28 02:58 Dazzling_Bath_9703 I know this is a Vivienne Westwood Orb Beanie ! Does anyone have an exact name / official style or date of release when searching for these ? Thanks !!

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2022.01.28 02:58 CandidMoon7 Damn bro. You identify as an attack helicopter? That's HELLA cool bro. You should try identifying as funny and maybe you'll learn another joke you worthless sack of shit.

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2022.01.28 02:58 avaprivacy Is it still effective??

Some lavender oil moisture leaked into a couple pills in my birth control pack, it didn’t dissolve it at all but has changed the light pink to a darker pink. Will it still be effective?
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