My 5 year-old son got me this for my birthday today!

2022.01.28 02:36 Pure-Ice My 5 year-old son got me this for my birthday today!

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2022.01.28 02:36 PlayfulAd628 Fedrs Snus

Hello there, I just ordered some snus and they gave me a free can of FEDRS Snus. On the back there is a healthcare label that has a skull on it. (deadly?!) Should I keep it or toss it in the garbage? Kinda worried. Thx
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2022.01.28 02:36 Equator33 Most creative shitpost on r/noncredibledefense

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2022.01.28 02:36 buffulutu Friday Setup

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2022.01.28 02:36 SpiralPatternsOfYou 3 shinies in one day! Usually i hate vullaby but a shiny certainly gets a pass!

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2022.01.28 02:36 eXoRainbow Check and get number of unread mails in Thunderbird (Linux)

#!/bin/env bash # Count unread mails in Thunderbird and write to stdout. # Usage: # # Path to your Thunderbird profile. profile="$HOME/.thunderbird/xxxxxx.default" # Regex to find the unread message lines. # Adding "9F" in front of regex works for ImapMail, but not for pop3. in Mail. regex='\(\^A2=([0-9]+)' count_unreadmails() { result=$(grep -Eo "$regex" "$1" | tail -1) if [[ $result =~ $regex ]] then count="${BASH_REMATCH[1]}" fi unreadmail_count=$(($unreadmail_count + $count)) return $count } unreadmail_count=0 for inbox in $profile/ImapMail/*/INBOX.msf do count_unreadmails "$inbox" done for inbox in $profile/Mail/pop3.*/Inbox.msf do count_unreadmails "$inbox" done # Use `echo -n` if no newline should be added. echo "$unreadmail_count" 
I wrote a little script that could be useful for others too. It will count all unread mails from your Thunderbird profile and print out the total number to stdout. Thunderbird does not need to run for this, but obviously if Thunderbird does not run there is no way to update and retrieve new mails. Just change the profile to yours and it should work.
However, this is not extensively tested script. I have no idea if it works well and how much other systems vary. And if anyone knows how to count the Feeds, please tell me. I use the Feed reader of Thunderbird as well, but couldn't figure out this one.
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2022.01.28 02:36 Alarming-Face-8940 Can i tighten my excess skin?

Hi, at the beginning of 2021 i had around 147kg/325lbs, now i have 107kg/236lbs 194cm/6'4 and i noticed so much excess skin on my stomach while doing plank without shirt (at home), Can i do anything other than eat balanced diet, sleep and exercise to "shrink" my skin? I am 16 yo male still looking forward to losing at least 20kg, or even more, until i lose my love handles, i have kinda wide and strong upper body but it doesnt look good with lovehandles. Ty
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2022.01.28 02:36 Alternative-Sea4578 Quantus Relevance EN [2 Labels]

Is this task workable? Or is it just me who is stuck in the Schooner Size page? It's not even allowing me to click on anything on the page.
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2022.01.28 02:36 ConwayFitzgerald Who thinks their Protagonist is the coolest? Why?

I'm a big fan of my own protagonist. Not because she was born to be the biggest bad-ass in The Known World; actually, quite the opposite. She's no Mary-Sue - powerful just because that would be cool for whatever reason. She's not even into the prophesy that earned her the name Aermine, The Promised One. No, she's just a good-hearted character, a victim of circumstance that admires true people and the genuinely compassionate deeds of others. That drags her into all kinds of unnecessary problems. But it makes her who she is. Tell me about your protagonist. Why is yours cool?
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2022.01.28 02:36 biguythrowawayy Linna Yamazaki in motion

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2022.01.28 02:36 southerngyrl99 Admissions

Hi all!! Ik many of y’all are anxiously waiting to hear back but I just wanted to say that no matter what, please know that getting into UT is not the “end all be all”. I’m a current senior at UT rn and ik it’s kinda hard for me to say that since I go there but pls know you’re life isn’t over it you don’t get in. Keep ur heads up, wishing u all the best of luck<333
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2022.01.28 02:36 Space_Guy20287 Crews Work on the Starship Quick Disconnect Arm | SpaceX Boca Chica. Credit: Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and Nic (@NicAnsuini) for @NASASpaceflight.

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2022.01.28 02:36 GoMx808-0 ‘Broke our hearts’: boy with autism inspires relaunch of popular game

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2022.01.28 02:36 MicroPeenGang69 Why did they remove meg’s mask?

Why would they remove her mask head gear? Is it because it used to be from owning their other game? But in that case why have it in DBD as a default head gear and then take it away. Seems stupid to me.
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2022.01.28 02:36 Burning-Skull117 Ok so my weapon mastery level is not increasing after reaching the diamond level same thing happend to my Rus

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2022.01.28 02:36 Maleficent-Taro4483 GRRRRRRR *SHOWS IS A GREAT ... I HATE THE BLACKS!!!!

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2022.01.28 02:36 maximumkush Sleep tight you filthy animals

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2022.01.28 02:36 Unmotherlynature 🤑 Enter Code: opzs39L for EXTRA digs up to $500 PER dig 🤑 ⭐️Download Bingoclash ⭐️ You’ll receive 2 extra digs upon your first deposit. Receive up to $500 per dig. Enter Code: opzs39L

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2022.01.28 02:36 wrongtranslation66 Has anyone tried the Pasta Night Meal Kits and Clean Meals @ Mississauga?

I’ve been eyeing Pasta Night and Clean Meals for a while since I don't want to risk going out but I’ve been craving to eat pasta.
Just wondering about the taste and is it worth it? I would love to hear from people who have tried ordering meal kits here before I place my order. Also looking for average priced and healthy food recommendations in Toronto! TIA.
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2022.01.28 02:36 GnothiSeauton7 What was your favourite unexpected emotional moment in the series?

Mine was Mrs. Weasley and Bill showing up before the final Triwizard Tournament task.
While there are many contenders and many scarier situations, this was such a simple but beautiful diffusion of the tension in GoF. Not to mention the full circle Harry comes from feeling his loneliest at Hogwarts to the Weasleys literally showing him he is family.
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2022.01.28 02:36 nobrimnoyanky If we do get to fight saejima family members

It might be a bad idea. But it would be cool to see if Baba and Kido joined up with saejima after 4 and 5. Like if we do get the chance to fight some saejima family members I think it would be cool to have a double boss fight against Baba and Kido. The fight could be done similar to Kiryu vs Akiyama and Tanimura.
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2022.01.28 02:36 SlavaChvi On their 13th birthday, Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman shares a new photo...,

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2022.01.28 02:36 AbsoluteUnit777 Seriously, why are the flirts so well written?

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2022.01.28 02:36 harryp1371 Flights to PR

Want to fly domestically (from California) to Puerto Rico for vacation. How often does it happen that the flight has to stop at a different country for emergency reasons?
My visa doesn’t allow me to leave the US, so this is important to me.
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2022.01.28 02:36 Ughoz There is Something we Should Know...Chapter 2 - The Broken Dreams of Humanity 📷

Original Chapter 2 - The Guardians of our Race and the Awakening of Humanity, has now become Chapter 3.
Chapter 2 – The Broken Dreams of Humanity
Not knowing ourselves as Infinity, we currently hold on to this ‘One Life to Live’ idea and we blame what we have come to call God for all the wrongs in this life. It indeed would be unjust, if one has but one life to live and one has to live it being blind, or cripple, deformed, or mentally retarded. Not knowing what Truth is, we created our own idea of it and therein, have set ourselves up to fall badly and hard. Unaware that each of us has a past that spans a great many lifetimes, upon Earth alone, some of us as many as 500, on average around 350, we commit ourselves to situations that inevitably would lead to failure.
What the majority of humanity does not know, is that each of us arrives here with a little bag over the shoulder filled with outstanding debts, problems we seek to rectify within this lifetime and therein, to become more balanced as human beings. As human personality, these problems we hand-picked ourselves in conjunction with “The Self” within and placed in our little bag before coming here. The concept of ‘good and evil’ is something we created in creating this human mind of our own. As Infinity, we are the Law of Goodness, it is our Natural and fixed Nature.
Goodness to Self. As humans, what we do not understand is that all of us, every man, every woman, and every child, within themselves, is “The Self”. Center within and to our Be-ing, resides and dwells “The Self That I Am” as Infinity. Therein, the injustice I do unto another, I do unto “The Self That Am” and therein, myself. As we go forward, we will look at how all came about and how and why we came to create ‘this mind of our own’. As Infinity, we are both ‘good and evil’ and what we seek to do within each lifetime, is to balance the scales. Each lifetime is an opportunity with many opportunities there within, to balance the scales, at some tasks we succeed while at others not and in this whole process, often we leave here more unbalanced than before setting foot upon Earth. Our problem as a race is not understanding even the basics about ourselves.
For a long time, as the human race upon Earth, we were not aware of What we are within ourselves, deliberately, have we been withholding memories of our past from ourselves, as with memory, comes knowledge, and we would not like to remember how terrible our past and our injustices against each other and other life-streams. This all will and must change should we seek to go forward as a race. Not knowing the soft gentleness we are within our Self, has created this terribly unjust and unbalanced society of today. Think, and then think some more, how just current society is, considering that all of us, all of us, is “The Self”. In Truth, we are that Unit of humanity upon Earth. All together and all considered, we are that representation of that one man upon Earth, and how Fair a man do we make out? Hope for this one man? Very little, seems very close to the point of committing suicide. We need change, and we, need to become this very change, not wait for others, but lead the way. We need to become a light within this darkness, be the Light of reasoning, become so within our minds, and be soft and gentle within our hearts.
We are not walking into the future alone, for more than 40 years our brothers and sisters have been among us within the quiet, unseen, and unrecognized as brothers and sisters of ours of old. Infinity Consciousness walks amongst us as a simple man or woman in the street. Right now, they do not seek to inspire from without as human beings, softly and gently, and unbeknownst of, they dwell within human consciousness as a Force of inspiration, seeking to uplift human heart and mind. As a Unit of One-Man-Infinite-Consciousness, they dwell within the consciousness of that Unit of man we are, the global collective mind, inspiring and uplifting the sum of its parts to become a better man.
In time, our brothers and sisters of old will step to the fore, make themselves known to mankind and this time is not far off, will make use of everyday media to make humanity aware of their presence here. They are not here as saviors of the human race, though their presence among us alone is doing just that, as they are representative of that “Force of Goodness That Am” and from them and through them, flows a continuous inspiring stream of love, hope, and goodness that is uplifting of Nature and the consciousness of man, that upholds That Consciousness that is Infinite Man. When the time is right and therein to have an optimum impact, to step to the fore and present unto mankind Infinite Man, to teach humanity about themselves, about the goodness and greatness that beholds within each one of us, therein, to turn the tide and stop this ‘mad’ dash of humanity for the precipice. This can and will only happen when humanity at large has accepted that change must become and shows a willingness to become this very change within themselves.
Understand that things will start to go very ‘wrong’ for humanity and therein, awaken more and more of humanity to the need for a different direction, a different attitude towards each other, an attitude towards justice for all.
We have created for ourselves a society that acts out a ‘truth’ that we ourselves do not even understand and we live out this ‘truth’ on a daily basis not knowing how far we are amiss of our own Marker, our own Reality and Truth. We created for ourselves this nightmare of a pitfall that leads to broken hearts and dreams as the basis of this society we created, is not founded upon what is Real about us and this screaming shortcoming has brought our brothers and sisters of old back into living amongst us within quiet within society at large.
Infinity, is just That; Infinite possibility and among our brothers and sisters of old is a soft, kind, and gentle brother of ours, a brother of old, that lived among us during that long time ago that has taken upon himself the task to stand as a Beacon of Hope for all of mankind, have taken the task to shoulder of making visible again unto mankind, that Inner Truth that beholds within every man, every woman, and every child. Our brother has worked out a plan of how to assist humanity in setting foot upon that golden path again and our brother is not alone in this task, as with him stands brothers and sisters of ours that too, have merged outer human consciousness with Infinity Consciousness within and they, as mentioned before, have been in the quiet amongst us since the late 1970s as a “Unit of Centralized Truth Consciousness” working to uplift the hearts and minds of humanity as a whole, as that Unit of one man.
They stand as the Might of Infinity, and despite the great many obstacles in our path, our brother has the knowing that humanity will choose to change, will implement the changes so advised, and once again trod that beautiful path that will lead humanity into a future most wondrous to behold. There lies within the future of man that Day of days, that day and moment that irrevocably will change the future of all mankind and that be the day that Infinity declares Itself unto mankind, addressing each man, each woman, and each child above the age of 12, introducing us to the Infinity we are. At and within the same moment across the world, each of us will be addressed by Infinity within us, each addressed solemnly and alone within the quiet of our Be-ing will be addressed by our brother standing as Infinity, and to each of us he will speak regardless of where we are and what we are doing and as he speaks, memories will flow of the time that we knew ourselves and each other as part of that great and Infinite Brotherhood of Man.
It is not possible to describe this moment in words as they fall short, nor is it possible to describe how this moment will change the course of humanity in the brightness of one day. Tears will flow from hardened grown men and women; healings will take place on an unprecedented scale and for a while humanity will seek to walk on tiptoe as one of our gentle brothers has put it. How to explain this moment, one cannot. How does one explain this stunning moment of beauty to tired and weary humanity, no words we can offer, can explain how the hearts and minds of humanity are touched within that moment of address. Never will humanity be the same again as the power within that moment will irrevocably change and uplift the hearts and minds of mankind of Earth.
We will know ourselves to be brothers and sisters of and within an Infinite Brotherhood of Man and this will reflect clearly in the days following that Day of days as mankind rush to put right what is unjust and cripple within our society. A great awakening is about to come as the Sun of Man declares unto all that they be Suns of Man, Infinite points of Light Consciousness and the Only-begotten of Infinity. How does one explain the joy and freedom this Knowing will bring unto weary and downtrodden mankind, the rush that will follow to understand, the seeking for knowledge of “The Self” within that will grab the race? That moment of address, is a moment of stunning Beauty that can only be felt and experienced, as the mind of mankind opens unto a future incredibly bright filled with unforeseen possibility.
Alas, no more broken dreams as humanity, at long last, has found the Truth about themselves and the way Home. Infinity, is just That, Infinite Possibility…
Chapter 3 - The Guardians of our Race and the Awakening of Humanity.
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